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About Harvard Choo:

Harvard Choo is a multi-talented strategist, trainer, lecturer and consultant for SME and people development. 

At the same time, he regularly guests spot in Ai FM, a motivational speaker and as human resources columnist in Malaysian SME Magazine. 
From managing business corporates to SMEs, Harvard Choo has accumulated more than 20 years of practical experience.

He has successfully assisted in many organisations to improve their talent pool through a high-performing training regime that enhances their skills and abilities.

Through his training, these enterprises are able to detect, understand and effectively use their manpower to achieve better morale, teamwork, retention and increase employees' performance and productivity. 
With his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Masters Degree in Human Resources Development, Harvard firmly believes that only through continuous learning and sharing can one transform themselves in the field of training and consultants.

From 2008 to 2010, he was also a  part-time lecturer at the University of Malaya and Olympia.
Throughout his career, he continued to work hard at different levels of work until he successfully stepped into a management position.

At the age of 32, he was already the human resources director of a fifth-ranked global rubber company (GIIB).

During his tenure, he has also been exposed to various international working environments and foreign exchanges, such as China, Indonesia, India and Switzerland.
He is also a Malaysian PSMB certified trainer, Chartered Master Trainer of The Art of Learning & Leadership, Certified Professional Trainer of IPMA, UK, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. 
As a pragmatic and practical person, Harvard has successfully used human capital and simplified systems to help organisations achieve higher results in a highly competitive environment.
Under his training and coaching, his customers have won several awards, including Petsmore Sdn Bhd (2010), Gain City Sdn Bhd (2011), 101 Haircare Sdn Bhd (2012), And several JCI CYEA winners such as MBG Fruits Sdn Bhd (2013), Heng Hiap Plastic Sdn Bhd (2013) and MK Curtain (2014).
He is also an influential trainer and consultant.

He is able to effectively integrate the gap between employer and employee to bring them closer together and create higher-performing teams so that the company can achieve their vision and mission.

His goal is to become one of the most outstanding trainers and talent strategists in the ASEAN region and cultivate 100 successful young entrepreneurs by 2027.

Student Testimonial

His education, guidance and inspiration gave me a clear vision of the corporate vision, mission and core values. Through the systems, tools, management, and human resources development, the company is moving toward unlimited possibilities. 

Now I have the confidence to shape an influential company in Malaysia and cultivate 100 highly literate millionaires by 2025.

Adnan lee

MBG Fruits 总裁

CYEA JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2013 Winner

It's the leader ’s responsibility to cultivate the company ’s people to become professional. Mr.Harvard talent strategist has a complete system to cultivate talents to make your employees professional. 

We have used this system to make employees more courageous to accept challenges, confident and dedicated to run MK enterprise.

dato' DR calvin khiu

MK Group of Companies 总裁

The "Star Outstanding Business Awards" by The Star SOBA  2019

When the enterprise already had high-quality products, he will help you to cultivate an efficient team. After the enterprise already had an efficient team, he will help you gradually establish a complete system. After the complete system, he helps you to build a long-lasting culture in the industry.

Seah Kian Hoe

Heng Hiap Industries 总裁

World Award of Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) by Junior Chamber International (JCI) and United Nations (UN) in 2013

Harvard Choo, founder of People Reengineering, has served more than 50 SME entrepreneurs by  helping them double their business growth. His clients include:

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