Build a Highly Productive and Profitable Team In Your Organisation

In just 12 easy classes,we'll show  you the complete process to build an A-Team that will supercharge your organisational performance and growth within 12 months.

Programme Introduction

In 21st century, having a proper talent management system for your company growth is crucial.

Therefore, any business owner wanting to build and create sustainable organisational growth needs the perfect management system to take advantage of their team's talent and abilities in order to grow the business to new heights. 

Over the past 15 years, I have researched our local SME business scene, studied and spoke to countless business owners to come up with practical ways for our local SME business owners to mange their team effectively.

And hence, I created this programme.

Your team is your greatest asset that will make or break the company's growth.

However, most of us will encounter challenges when building the right team for your organisation. These challenges could include:

高盈利人才系统课程 - Harvard Choo

Most of the time, the decision is made based upon their past experience or gut feel, without knowing if the 
decision right or wrong. Worse, without proper analytics and SOPs in place, their successors would not be able to duplicate their findings or understand the reasonings behind the choice made.

In my Profits With Talent Workshop, we talk about successful case studies, practical examples and a step-by-step process on how to implement the right selection process, growing, rewarding, managing to retaining talent in your company.

There're 5 modules in this class:

From recruiting, developing, rewarding, retaining and managing your team, we'll show you how to build an organizational culture that promotes team spirit, performance and productivity at your workplace, which will then translate into higher profits.

The entire process and framework is made available for every business owner to plan and execute their strategy and direction that will contribute to their long term and sustainable business growth.

Further, we'll also provide online training and tools after the class, for you to revise at anytime.

If building talent, molding leaders is part of your mission, or if you're looking for the most practical way to grow your profits, achieve new heights, building a fulfilling organization for your team and your family, 

Then this program is for you.

Graduate Testimonial

“Mr. Harvard’s programme and coaching has been helping me to become a better leader, strengthen my role as the CEO and advance my team to scale my business.

Adnan lee

CEO of MBG Fruits

CYEA JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2013 Winner

“Mr. Harvard is an expert in the area of talent development. 

He possesses a unique ability to help business owner to grow through his framework and track record. 

That's what we should do as a business owner, to grow your team and allow them fight along site with you.

dato' DR calvin khiu

CEO of MK Group of Companies

The "Star Outstanding Business Awards" by The Star SOBA  2019

When your organisation has a great product and services, he will help you grow your team, after that, he will groom them, and get you to setup a complete system to grow your empire that is sustainable and profitable.

seah Kian hoe

CEO of Heng Hiap Industries

World Award of Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) by Junior Chamber International (JCI) and United Nations (UN) in 2013

Now You Too... Can Build a Profitable and Sustainable Enterprise Through Harvard's Highly Profitable Talent System

 Unleash The Unfair Advantage In Your Organisation With The Right Talent Management Process

Let award winning people strategist, Harvard share how to build a highly profitable team and management system in your company with you.

case studies

This class is highly practical with successful case studies and framework.

code of human excellence

Build a highly profitable team, from identifying, attracting, maintaining and retaining them.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Improve your workplace culture, promote creativity and innovation to leap forward your business goal.

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