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Creating A Highly Profitable Talent System

Renowned Talent Strategist, Harvard Choo, Will Reveal His Secret Management System That Will Change Your Company Forever!

Talent Strategist For Discerning For SME Business Owner
Human Resource Development Consultant
Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA, UK)
Motivational Speaker
Regular Contributor For Ai-FM Radio Station

"'From the training, I have learned the essence of a great organisational culture. As an entrepreneur, if we do not have a proper HR system,  we can only exhaust ourselves dealing with people issue all the time. Only with a good talent system in place, then we can scale our empire together with our team!"

Jameson Yap

Founder and CEO at SNJCO

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Our Vision

To be the No.1 Choice of HR strategist for SMEs in Malaysia

Our Mission

Aligning employees' heart and mind towards happiness culture

Our Services:

Building An Organisation That Cultivate Happiness And Fufilment

How to build your own elite team and double your company business growth by 100%.

Talent Development Recruitment System

How to structure a plan that attracts talent you want using proven framework that allows you to attractcultivate, empower, and retain them.

Setting Up A Proven Performance And Productivity System

How to create an efficient tracking system that will increase your company's growth by 100% within a year.

Cutting Edge Human Resources Model In Today's Gen Y And Gen Z World

Unleashing the potential of your employees through mission, vision, growth, empowerment and contribution in your company.

Salary Management System

The latest enterprise salary mechanism that will allow you to attract and retain talents, and improve morale to promote better productivity!

The Secret To Retaining Talent

 Recruiting perfect talent is just the start. But retaining and expanding your talent pool  is much more critical for your company's growth.

Employee Advancement and Career Planning

How to grow your team by helping them to advance personally, financially and professionally.

Startup OKR 

The preferred objectives and key results management tool that uses by Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more to propel their companies wordwide.

An Integrated High-Profit Talent System

The complete structure and HR design process that will enable you to build your own successful and fufilling enterprise!

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Radio Interview Series:


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OKR-Driving Goals and Key Results to Create Corporate Innovation

Creating a learning and growth culture within SME organisation

How to connect 2020 corporate enterprise planning and talent mechanisms

Part (1/2) How do company managers stand out in the workplace

With More than 20 years of practical experience and serving more than 100 enterprises:

Our Clients

Our Student Testimonials:

His education, guidance and inspiration gave me clarity on the corporate vision, mission and core values. Through Harvard's systems, tools, management, and human resources development, my company can move forward with unlimited possibilities. 

Now I have the confidence to shape my own organisation in Malaysia and going after my mission by cultivating 100 highly literate millionaires by 2025.

Adnan Lee

CEO of MBG Fruits Malaysia

CYEA JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2013 Winner

It's the leader ’s responsibility to grow their team to greater heights. Mr.Harvard, my talent strategist consultant has a complete system to advance your team's growth. 

We have used this system to enable our employees to be more courageous in accepting challenges, breakthrough their own comfort zone and becoming committed in running MK enterprise.

Dato' Dr Calvin Khiu

CEO of MK Group of Companies

The "Star Outstanding Business Awards" by The Star SOBA  2019

When the enterprise already had high-quality products, that's not enough if you do not have a great team behind. 

When your enterprise already had a great team, you will need to establish a process and system. 

After setting up the system, only then you can build a long-lasting growth in your own industry.

That's what Harvard will do for you.

Seah Kian Hoe

CEO of Heng Hiap Industries

World Award of Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) by Junior Chamber International (JCI) and United Nations (UN) in 2013

About Harvard Choo:

Professional SME and corporate talent consultant with more than 20 years of experience.
Former lecturer in Human Resource Management in University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Previously held a position as a human resource director in a public listed company in Malaysia.
International Professional Certified Lecturer, IPMA, UK.
In 2017, he won the best "Human Resource Strategist" from Global Human Resources Award.
In 2018, he won an international "Best Talent Consulting Company" and "Best Talent Strategist" from Global HR Excellence Award.
In 2019, won the "Best Leadership Development Consultant in Asia" from Sin Chew Business Excellence Award.
He is also a long-term guest on AiFM radio station where he shares his view on talent management and creating a fufilling organisational culture.
Harvard holds a bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Talent Development area.
In 2023, he completed his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Switzerland IBAS.
He has also served more than 100 SME brands including MuzArt, 叶老师教育中心, MK Curtain, MBG and other brandson developing a fufilling organisation.

Now You Too Can The Perfect Enterprise Through Harvard's Highly Profitable Talent System

Establishing A Long-Lasting Happy Enterprise Through A

High Profit Talent System

When you've understood and cultivated the right persons for your organisation, you'll be able to take advantage of their unique talents to grow your business in sales, revenue and profits.  

With the unique insight found in my course and book, I can turn any SME business into a happy and fulfillng organisation. 

Build your elite team. 

Cultivate corporate innovation. 

Double your performance. 

"Mr. Harvard taught me that a great leader will become the spiritual leader in front of a group “tigers“. Then your business will become stronger and bigger.”

Milly Lee

Founder of CO3 Social Office

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