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We are here to bring a new wave of people development for SMEs. 

We are committed to offering our services at the most affordable rates for our clients, with the aim to provide the best ideas on managing people, developing key leaders and nurturing your unique organisational culture.

Let us know what type of services you need so that we can formulate something based on your direction of your organisation.

Award Winning Talent Strategist, HR Consultant For The Discverning SME Business Owner

Our Services:

Strategic Human Resource Planning

"Executing Mission and Vision, Delivering Goals”

I don’t want a consultant that only knows concepts and theory. I need someone that can align our people towards common objectives.

Formulate Vision, Mission, Core Values & Corporate philosophies.
Develop strategy and operational milestones.
Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the organisation.
Create execution work flow for all management levels.
Produce employees' handbook governing all aspects of behaviours, etiquette and roles at the modern work place.

Recruitment Process and Selections

"Right Competencies, Right Expectations”

I need a consultant that best equips me with the right selection tools to get the talent needed.

Formulate selections Standard Operating Procedures and Policies (SOPP).
Establish job descriptions and job specifications based on competencies.
Setting expectations and assignments for new recruits.
Educate and train leaders on interviewing skills.
Produce selection tools by job functions.

Training and Development

"Higher Efficiency, More Returns”

I don’t want a consultant that only wants to make money. I need someone keen on helping me to develop my employee’s potentials and competitive edge.

Establish organisational wide Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
Create different training evaluations for different stages.
Formulate orientation programmes for new hires.
Develop new training standard operating procedures and policies (SOPP).
Conduct trainings on necessary skills and knowledge.

Career Development

I need a consultant that gives my employees room to grow in my organisation and build their future with us.

Establish individual career goals that aligns with organisation's growth.
Formulate career development SOPP.
Create system which encourage multiple career path.
Introduce benchmarking system for employee exposure and growth.
Build talent retention plans.

What Our Students Say

Agnes Wong
Managing Director at Syarikat Ong

Harvard has something very special than the other consultant that I've work with.

He understand the needs of the bosses, helping their company to align with their mission, and values,and then builds a solid talent development system for you!

Jameson Yap
Founder and CEO at SNJCO

Over the period of 1 year, I have learned so many essential insights for talent development and HR management topic. 

As an entrepreneur, if you do not have a great system, then we will always chasing our work and feeling exhausted. When you have a powerful talent development and process in place, then only you can scale your empire to the next level!

Milly Lee
CEO and Founder at CO3 Social Office

Harvard told me, in order to become a great leader, your must lead a team with the attitude of a tiger, lead them from the front and you shall see extraordinary changes in your organisation.

Let Us Help You Align Your Company Mission,Improve Your Organisational Growth, Culture and Build a High Performance Team To Double Your Business Within 12 Months!

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