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We are here to bring a new wave of people development for SMEs. 

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Award Winning Talent Strategist, HR Consultant For The Discerning SME Business Owner

Our Corporate Training Programme:

Level 1:Challenge of Excellence

To create an awareness of the company 's shared values, belief systems and work habits that contribute and enrich the corporate culture of your esteem organisation.
To create ownership of change and commitments towards the company’s vision and plans.
To raise the standard of competency in the company by imparting vital skills through the Challenge Of Excellence to gravitate towards company's strategic direction.
To expand the team's comfort zones and belief systems by exploring new ways and approaches when performing daily tasks effectively.
To nurture team focused leadership towards world class excellence.

Level 2:Transform to Win

To create accelerated learning and thinking patterns by encouraging passion at work.
To align personal goals with corporate vision, thereby creating mutual success.
To instil self-awareness on individual emotional and intelligence strengths, towards a harmonious working atmosphere.
To expand the successful behaviour patterns, enhancing the success belief systems for breakthrough and innovations.
To engage the teams, building trust, respect and gratitude towards winning performance.

Level 3: Passion for XO Leadership

To master the leadership coaching techniques and facilitation skills that bring out the best in individuals and team.
To learn the R.E.A.M. (Recognition, Encouragement, Appreciation, Motivation) concepts in daily motivation to sustain high performance working spirit.
To systematically and strategically build employee’s strengths by applying the 10 essential steps of effective leadership.
To understand and apply the theory of motivation and X-factor leadership.
To create the 4 effective team leadership system at the work place towards world class work culture.

Level 4: Mission for Quantum Success

To unleash the inner power of individual mission and vision, bringing ultimate happiness in life.
To explore personal interest and talents that matches with the current work and truly happy at work.
To breakthrough limited beliefs system to create a new paradigm shift.
To discover personal life purpose and absolutely know own true passion.
To align the head, heart, and mind so that individual is able to find career that expresses their own gifts to create their personal success in life.

Level 5:  The Power of Influence (Trainer Academy)

To build you as an influential trainer by understanding the 6 key essences of an effective communicator.
Being your own “transformer” by using the 3 effective learning hats and taking massive action to build self-confidence.
To understand participant’s learning process in training and applying a whole brain approach in preparing the training context and content.
Mastering the power of your voice and emotionalised knowledge as it is a reflection of your present and how you want to influence others.
Internalised the 7 steps of impactful communications to become the master of public speaking.

About Harvard Choo:

Professional SME and corporate talent consultant with more than 20 years of experience.
Former lecturer in Human Resource Management in University of Malaya, Malaysia.
Previously held a position as a human resource director in a public listed company in Malaysia.
International Professional Certified Lecturer, IPMA, UK.
In 2017, he won the best "Human Resource Strategist" from Global Human Resources Award.
In 2018, he won an international "Best Talent Consulting Company" and "Best Talent Strategist" from Global HR Excellence Award.
In 2019, won the "Best Leadership Development Consultant in Asia" from Sin Chew Business Excellence Award.
He is also a long-term guest on AiFM radio station where he shares his view on talent management and creating a fufilling organisational culture.
Harvard holds a bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Talent Development area.
He is currently pursuing a doctorate in the Talent Advancement.
He has also served more than 56 SME brands including MuzArt, 叶老师教育中心, MK Curtain, MBG and other brandson developing a fufilling organisation.

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